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How to Become HVAC Certified in Tennessee

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An HVAC technician in Tennessee, and in all other states, is responsible for maintaining, repairing or replacing the heating and air conditioning systems inside of buildings. HVAC technicians are not just required to maintain the heating and air in existing structures; when building a structure, HVAC technicians are needed to make sure the heating and air systems comply with regulations. HVAC technicians are required to have in-depth knowledge of not only heating and air systems, but plumbing and electrical systems as well.

Complete an HVAC educational training program. The state of Tennessee doesn't actually require that HVAC trainees complete an educational program, but many of those interested in the field will complete such coursework since HVAC systems are complex and involve knowledge of not only mechanical systems, but plumbing and electricity.

Get an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship can be completed in lieu of or while completing an educational training program. An apprentice will assist a licensed technician with troubleshooting and fixing HVAC systems and completing required paperwork. The advantage of an apprenticeship is hands-on training while earning a paycheck.

While serving as an apprentice, you can also obtain study guides to help prepare you for the licensing exams if you aren't currently in school.

Pass two licensing exams. The state of Tennessee requires that HVAC apprentices or students pass two exams. The first is the open-book Business and Law exam. The second test is the actual HVAC examination. The study guide for the Business and Law Reference Manual, or study guide, is available at the state testing center or professional bookstores. HVAC study materials can be purchased from a school bookstores that offers HVAC courses.

For more information, call state Board for Licensing at 800-544-7693


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