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How to Become a Generac Certified Technician

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The Generac brand supplies products, such as generators, pressure washers and transfer switches, to businesses and homeowners. Gen-Tech, in Glendale, Arizona, provides a training and certification program for those seeking careers as Generac technicians. The certification allows technicians to perform warranty work on Generac products and receive reimbursement.

Air Cooled Training

The first step when becoming a Generac technician is completing the Gen-Tech air cooled training course that consists of two or three days of classroom instruction lasting from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The curriculum consists of electrical safety, basic electricity, engine and generator controls and fuel systems. Also, the instructor may require daily homework. After completing the curriculum, you must pass the final quiz with the minimum score required.

Commercial Training Course

After completing the air cooled training, you must complete the five-day commercial training course. Training includes electrical safety, voltage regulation, diesel fuel systems, switch transfers and hands-on trouble shooting. Also, you study schematics and wiring diagrams in the five-day course. Again, you must pass the quiz at the end of the course to receive certification.

Registering for Classes

Gen-Tech requires you to register for each class before attending. This includes completing a registration form, which includes your company information, attendee name, tech Id number if one is available and your email address. Also, include the number of attendees and the courses requested. Fax the completed registration form to 623-937-0408. Gen-Tech then contacts you for payment and confirms your registration.

Certification Information

After receiving certification and receiving your tech I.D. number, you remain certified until you choose to no longer use the certification. The certification is only useful when working on Generac products. It gives you the opportunity to receive reimbursement from the company for warranty work performed, possibly increasing your earning potential.


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