How do I Install a Real Estate Sign Post?

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A real estate sign in front of a house on the lawn is an effective advertisement for a residential property for sale. Many shoppers have been finding homes online in recent years, but some still drive the neighborhood. When a potential buyer drives through an area, you want them to know quickly which house is for sale. A real estate sign is the easiest way to indicate this.

Wait until after you have watered the lawn for at least 20 minutes, if you live in a hot, dry climate. Rocky soil makes it difficult to insert a sign into the ground.

Place the sign so that it is perpendicular to the road. A perpendicular sign gives passers-by an easier view of the sign; if you install it parallel to the road the driver may not see the sign until she is in front of it.

Push the sign into the ground, working each post one at a time. If the posts have crossbeams, step on the crossbeams to get them further into the ground. Each of the posts should be about 6 inches underground.

Use a rubber mallet if you cannot step on crossbeams. Tap the rubber mallet at the top of each post to secure the sign in the ground.


If you want to install a sign post for a commercial property, you’ll likely need to have a hole dug and cement poured to support the post as it will likely be installed in cement or asphalt. Contact the property owner and the city to check on local ordinances regarding sign installation and size limitations or other city limitations.

Check local ordinances for sign display for both residential and commercial properties.

It is very difficult to insert a sign into frozen ground. Wait until the ground thaws.


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