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How to Become a Home Inspector in Texas

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To become a home inspector in the state of Texas, individuals must obtain a home inspection license. Being a home inspector means having a technical mind, enjoying meeting and working with people, willing to learn and take initiative, being organized and having an interest in construction. Home inspection can be a very challenging yet rewarding career. Home inspectors normally inspect homes for buyers. They normally look at the building's interior and exterior, describing the building's condition in reports.

Request an evaluation for an education. In order to become a home inspector in the state of Texas, applicants must be at least 18 years old and a legal U.S. citizen or a legal alien. Applicants must also be legal residents of the state of Texas and undergo a thorough background check. Before applying for a license, an individual must request for an evaluation of experience and education.

Complete courses in home inspection. Home inspectors must undergo a total of 320 classroom hours of training in order to be certified. Various organizations offer different courses that should further assist one in the certification of becoming a home inspector. Courses in home inspection may include electrical training, roofing, HVAC, plumbing and heating, writing an inspection report, interiors and exteriors of a property and how to start your own home inspection business in Texas.

Apply for a license. There are three types of licenses for home inspectors, which include a real estate inspector license, an apprentice inspector license and a professional inspector license. In order to obtain an apprentice inspector license, you must be sponsored by a licensed professional instructor, and you must pay a $35 licensing fee. The apprentice inspector application form must be filled out as well. In order to obtain a real estate inspector license, you must complete a minimum of 90 classroom hours in a real estate inspection course and pay a fee of $45. You must also pass an exam in which afterward you must pay a fee of $65. You must fill out the real estate inspector license application form. For the professional inspector license, you must complete 128 classroom hours in a real estate inspection course. There is a $60 application fee for this license as well as a $61 exam fee.

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