How to Become a Travel Agent in Texas

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The opportunity to work in the travel industry can be a great experience. Being a travel agent allows you to assist individuals to find the vacation of their dreams. You can become a travel agent in Texas with a little training and determination. Becoming a travel agent can give you the opportunity to own your own business – a dream come true for some people.

Obtain your high school diploma. The minimum requirement to become a travel agent in Texas is a high school diploma; however, most agencies prefer you have some sort of higher education. Proof of your high school diploma or equivalent is required upon applying to most travel agencies.

Enroll in a training facility in Texas that specializes in the travel industry. You can apply and enroll in institutions, such as a post-secondary vocational school, university, or community college. While you are at the college of your choice, you can major in travel or tourism to gain experience as a travel agent. Visit schools in Texas and inquire about their fields of study. If you currently have a job and going to school is not an option, studying to become a travel agent online can be a great opportunity.

Become knowledgeable about various places around the world. To become a successful travel agent, you must be well versed in different travel destinations, as well as attractions in these places. Knowing the weather conditions of each season for each destination will be useful when discussing a particular place with a client.

Check Texas’ Department of Commerce for any registration or certification requirements. Texas may require that you register with the Department of Commerce as a travel agent. Certification may not be required in Texas, but it is a possibility.

Apply to various travel agencies in Texas. Working as an entry-level travel agent in a travel agency at the beginning can give you the hands-on training you need. If you feel confident that you can do the work without others assisting you, you can take on more clients, as well as become a self-employed travel agent.


Obtain advanced credentials to give your clients the confidence that they are working with a reputable travel agent. The Certified Travel Counselor designation is an advanced travel agent certification that consists of a five-part program of study and testing. You must five years of travel agent experience before applying for this certification.