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How to Get a Job As a Paperboy

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Paperboys deliver newspapers from door to door. Although the title indicates a young boy may be employed in the job role, people from many different backgrounds fill this position, including those wishing to supplement their income. Also referred to as newspaper carriers, the role consists of those who drive a vehicle and those who ride a bicycle or walk. Paperboys often enjoy flexible work hours, such as evenings, mornings or weekends, and work a prescribed route that is given to them by the newspaper company.

Get a valid driver's license. Some employers require newspaper carriers to drive a company van in order to make deliveries. Not all newspaper carriers are required to drive the paper route. When applying for a job the advertisement will indicate if it is a walking or driving route, so ensure that you apply for the appropriate position.

Apply to your local newspaper. Local newspapers often have paper or online application forms for prospective paper carriers to complete. Complete the application and ensure that personal contact details are correct. Some newspapers also have a telephone recruitment line, which can be used to apply for jobs. Find the telephone number on the newspaper website and call to apply for a job.

Search online jobs boards for vacancies within your area to find possible vacancies. Conduct an online search for newspapers that are delivered in surrounding areas. Call newspapers speculatively and ask if they are recruiting. If not, see if they can hold your details on file for when a new vacancy becomes available.

Read the classified advertisements in your local newspaper. Paperboy vacancies may appear there when jobs become available. This is an inexpensive way for newspapers to recruit.

Respond quickly to any telephone calls or emails a newspaper makes in response to your application. Be professional and ready to take part in a telephone or face-to-face interview. Think of the questions that you may be asked by an interviewer beforehand so you may prepare suitable answers. Obtain parental permission if you are under 18 years of age. "The Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register" requires written parental or guardian approval for all carriers under the age of 18.


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