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How to Become an Apple Product Professional

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Becoming an Apple product professional indicates that you have extensive experience with a particular piece of software or hardware. The certification tells potential clients or employers that you will be able to effectively manage their Mac needs competently. The training process is led by experts who have been studying for years with professional-grade computer equipment. Apple also provides training for established professionals to become teachers who train other people how to use their Apple products.

Determine which class is right for you based on your professional aspirations, skills and interests. Apple offers training in the use of professional grade applications, like Final Cut Pro, Aperture or Adobe Photoshop, and hardware, like Macbook laptops, iPods and Apple cinema displays, for example. In addition to basic training classes, Apple also offers advanced education for professionals who have experience with Apple products. Sign up for classes based on your skill level and knowledge of the software or hardware.

Take as many notes as possible during the class so that you will have reference material to use later. Practice with your software or hardware both during and after class to maximize the knowledge that you will gain. Make flash cards and quiz yourself frequently to keep your skills sharp.

Pass the exam after each class that you take. According to the Apple website, you can take exams for the first level of training at the conclusion of a class or at a training center, if you feel that you have enough knowledge after learning on your own. The second level of certification tests may be taken only after the first level is passed.

Research further education for more training and certifications. Apple offers certification in many specialties. Sign up to advance your knowledge with Apple professional grade products. Continue practicing and working on projects on your own, which will give you a more thorough hands-on experience with the product. For example, if you are a filmmaker, use Final Cut Pro to create and edit a short film. Spend more time using the software to improve your skills.


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