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How to Set Appointments Over the Phone

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Setting up an appointment over the phone (for example, to schedule a home repair) is often more convenient than going in to the retail location of a company or store. However, getting through to an actual operator can be troublesome and time-consuming. By following a few guidelines, you can maximize your phone conversation and get off the phone quickly and relatively painlessly.

Have all your information ready before you call. If you know you need identification or a credit card, get them out. Write down the date you would like for the appointment, as well as some backup options. Have a pencil and paper handy. If someone else will need to verify information for you, make sure that person is present.

Write down any questions you have so you will remember to ask everything you need to know. Calling back is frustrating and wastes time.

Call the company’s customer service number or appointments number (if they have one).

Select your options on the automated recording until you get to an appointments option or can talk to an operator. If you are not presented with either of these, continue to select options until you reach a live operator. Eventually, most automated recordings lead to an operator, if you choose the right combination of options (try pressing "0"). This might take a few tries.

Make your appointment. Give the operator your information and ask for available dates. Write them down in case you need to change later. Ask whether or not a date change is possible and if there are any consequences to doing so. Ask if you can directly reach the person with whom you are meeting.

Ask if there is anything else you need to know and make sure the operator confirms your appointment. Also make sure that the company knows how to reach you, in case any problem arises. Write the appointment down so you don’t forget it.

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