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How to Get a Job As a Spa Tester

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Not many people would pass up getting paid to receive massages and facials every day. However, breaking into the spa-testing industry can be daunting if you don't know what steps to take. With the right know-how, though, you could be on your way to a career that takes you all over the country to relaxing spas. If you're good at spa testing, you could even move up to spa manager or massage therapist.

Put a résumé and cover letter together. Make sure your résumé details experience related to spa testing. Even if you don't have relevant experience, you may still be able to get an entry-level position. In your cover letter, talk about any experiences you have going to spas and what you liked about them. Type out your résumé and cover letter and print copies on attractive résumé paper. You'll also need documents saved on your computer to send to any positions you find online.

Research related websites. Go to websites like Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the job section. Apply to any spa-testing jobs that are listed. If there aren't any testing jobs available, apply to related positions to get your foot in the spa industry. As you work your way up, you may meet someone who can get you a spa-testing position.

Research spa review sites and publications. According to "Portfolio," spa tester employers can be found on spa review sites and in industry publications. Contact people at sites like Health Spa Guru, Massage Market Place or the Massage Industry Resource Directory to find and subscribe to publications that may have job listings or networking information.

Search and apply to general job sites. Use the keyword "spa" on sites like or Simply Hired to find spa-testing or related jobs. Once you make contact with the company by submitting your résumé, you may find out about many spa-testing positions that just haven't been advertised.


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