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Esthetician Interview Tips

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Esthetics is a specialty in cosmetology that focuses on healing and beautifying skin. Estheticians provide a variety of skin care services, including waxing, massages, facials and makeup application, either by hand or using mechanical or electrical instruments. They usually work in spas and salons, but may also be self-employed, work on a cruise ship or employed in reconstructive surgeon and dermatologists' offices. Employers typically seek licensed estheticians, which requires completing a training program and passing written and practical state exams.

Show Up Prepared

Some employers like to get an applicant's opinion on their ideal work environment, so decide what you want and respond confidently when asked. For example, interviewers may inquire if you'd prefer salary or commission, or they may wonder if your eager to learn about and perform laser treatments. Additionally, bring a copy of your resume to the interview and note any product lines or specific equipment you've worked with in the past. If you're new to the career, reference friends or family members that you may have done treatments for while you were in school or still practicing.

Dress for Success

Estheticians are always judged on their personal appearance. If your hair, makeup, nails and skin aren't in tip-top shape, the interviewers will wonder how you can successful work on those areas with clients. Wear trendy clothing that's professional but not too dressy, and accessorize your outfit -- just don't overdo it. The Professional Beauty Association gathered interview tips from salon owners and noted that applicants shouldn't wear perfume or cologne because some people may be scent-sensitive.

Be Ready for Anything

Interviews typically include scenario-based questions that rely on treatment knowledge. For example, interviewers may describe a middle-aged client with redness and wrinkles, and ask you to explain the treatment plan you'd recommend. Lydia Sarfati, who founded the first seaweed-based skincare products company in the U.S., notes on her blog that estheticians should be able to use skin analysis charts to suggest products specific to varying skin types. Be prepared to demonstrate your ability to your interviewer and be ready to provide a sample treatment.

Watch Your Demeanor

Certain actions can cause an interview to plummet, like playing with your hair, rambling, biting your nails or chewing gum.Try to stay upbeat, professional and focused. Even though the interviewer asks the questions, you should have some up your sleeve as well. You can inquire about training opportunities in unfamiliar areas or if the employer conducts performance evaluations. Questions make you appear engaged and interested in the company, but ensure they aren't solely focused on making money.


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