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How to Become a Loan Officer in Georgia

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Education, licensing and job training are among the requirements necessary to become a loan officer in Georgia. A variety of Atlanta-area schools offer certifications both online and in a traditional classroom setting. Loan offers have the option of specializing in a particular field. According to the Occupational Outlook handbook, nine out of 10 loan officers work within a bank or other financial institution.

Get your degree. The basic educational requirement to become a loan officer is a high school degree or GED. A college degree in business or finance is helpful but not required. For advanced positions in commercial and consumer lending, a candidate can benefit from courses that involve legal, financial and business obligations in lending.

Know the rules. To become a loan officer, no special licensing is required in the state of Georgia. However, to become a specialized officer in mortgage or commercial lending, the federal government requires a candidate to complete pre-license education, pass a credit check, pass both state and national tests, and submit to being fingerprinted in Georgia.

Get certified. If you are looking to advance your career as a loan officer in Georgia, adding certifications to a solid knowledge base will boost career opportunities. Choosing a specialization in mortgage, commercial or consumer lending may assist officers in enhancing career growth. Certifications such as a mortgage specialist program for loan originators or loan underwriting training can increase income and career options.

Continue your education as a loan officer. Laws and regulations change continually, and if you have a specialization in which the laws change frequently, such as mortgage lending, you are required to complete up to eight hours a year of additional training. Make sure the training is state or federally approved.


Working as a mortgage lender without the proper certification can result in fines and additional fees.