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How to Get a Free Employment History

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Several situations require the submission of a complete employment history, such as submitting an application for a bar examination or for sorting out a pension. Unfortunately, missing information or forgetting about previous employers someone has worked for is a common occurrence. The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of employment history for the purposes of disability and retirement payments, and you can request a statement from the SSA at no charge. A detailed employment history, however, will cost between $15 and $80 for a time period covering one to 40 years.

Locate the nearest social security office. You can use the online tool to locate an office near you.

Request a Social Security statement from the Social Security Administration. Call your local office and request a mailed copy of Form SSA-7004, Social Security Statement or complete the request form online and the SSA will send your statement to you by mail.

Review the statement carefully. Make sure to review your total earnings with each employer. This is also an opportunity to dispute underreported earnings, which can greatly affect retirement or disability benefits.

Contact each employer and request a detailed work history. Submit a letter requesting your wage and tax statements and any additional information you may need. Make sure you ask for dates of employment, annual salary, job title and reason for termination.