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How to Get a Pharmacy Technician License in Illinois

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A pharmacy technician assists registered pharmacists in the preparation of drug prescriptions and related pharmacy tasks. States regulate and register pharmacy technicians to ensure professional and safe practices in the profession. Illinois has a fairly lax procedure for obtaining a pharmacy technician license. License candidates have no special educational requirements or exams to pass. Applicants with a high school diploma or even current students can apply with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and register as an Illinois pharmacy technician.

Graduate from a high school or complete a GED program. If you dropped out of high school without getting your diploma and do not wish to enroll again, find a local GED program. Open the "GED Preparation Contacts by State" page on the American Council on Education website (see Resources). Use the state contact to find a program and enroll.

Obtain proof of graduation or current attendance at your high school or GED program. You may present a copy of a diploma, certificate, transcripts or a statement from the program on school letterhead. Include this proof when mailing in your application.

Access the "Instruction Sheet" and accompanying "Application for Pharmacy Technician Licensure." See References for the link. Optionally, you may apply with the online application system by selecting "Illinois Pharmacy Board" and "Pharmacy Technician" in the menu boxes. See Resources for the link. Follow the instructions to fill out the form and prepare additional documentation. For example, you need a court order or other supporting document if your name has changed. Similarly, some applicants have applied for or had a license in the past. If you have received discipline as a licensee in the past or been rejected for a license, you must include relevant documentation. Make sure you sign and date the pharmacy technician application.

Make out a check or money order to the "Department of Financial and Professional Regulation." As of 2010, the fee is $40. Pay $41.50 by Visa, MasterCard or Discover if applying online. Keep in mind that this is an application fee. The department will not refund the fee even if you do not receive a license.

Send the application, fee and all required documentation to register and obtain your Illinois pharmacy technician license. Use the following address:

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Attn: Division of Professional Regulation P.O. Box 7007 Springfield, IL 62791


You must renew your license as a registered pharmacy technician every year. Obtain your renewal application from IDFPR. You should receive the application in the mail. However, you can call 217-782-8556 if you need a renewal application.

Although registration as a pharmacy technician has no special requirements in Illinois, you may wish to attend a pharmacy technician training school or degree program for employment purposes. See Resources for a link to the Education Online Search "Illinois Pharmacy Technician Careers" page for both campus and online pharmacy technician training programs.


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