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How to Get Security Clearance in Canada

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The Canadian government performs a security clearance on individuals attempting to obtain a government or security-related job. This helps them weed out candidates with less than noble intentions. Once you&#039;ve obtained a Canadian Security Clearance, you&#039;ll be able to work in jobs that require access to sensitive information. Before you can even apply for a clearance, you must be sponsored by an organization that has a clearance of its own. This will occur after you&#039;ve applied for a job or position and been deemed worthy.

Obtain a job offer from an organization that holds a valid security clearance. Give them a copy of the Security Clearance Form, which you can download from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat at Ask them to fill out their part of the form and then return it to you.

Fill in your personal information on section B. Include your name, birthday, current address, where you were born and any information on name changes you&#039;ve received. You&#039;ll have to enter information about your citizenship status in section G. In section C, you&#039;ll have to explain whether you&#039;ve applied for a security clearance before.

Answer questions about your common law partner, spouse, and family in sections E and F. You&#039;ll have to explain how long you&#039;ve been married and what your spouse does for a living. Include information about previous spouses as well. Give the names, addresses, and employer information of each immediate family member.

Detail any criminal convictions both in Canada and abroad in section F. If you have committed crimes, you should type an explanation on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the application.

Give your residential history in section I and your employment history in section J, being sure to include any details, no matter how minor. Canadian security clearance procedures are very thorough and missing a residence or job can delay or derail your application.

Fill in sections J through L, detailing your foreign employment, assets and travel. If you&#039;re having trouble remembering dates of your travel, try looking at old credit card bills or vacation photos.

Include the names and addresses of three non-related character references who have known you for at least 3 years. You should also give a neighborhood reference who has known you at your current address for at least 6 months. They all need to be Canadian citizens.

Fill in your education and military history in sections N and O. Sign and date the form and then return it to the security officer at the company that is sponsoring your security clearance.