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How to Get a Forklift Operator License in Florida

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If you live in Florida and have you ever wanted to become a forklift operator, there's good news. Licensed forklift operators are in demand in the warehousing industry, in Florida as elsewhere in the country. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, all forklift operators must be trained and licensed.

Study available information. To obtain a forklift operator license, you must pass a written and practical test. There is much information available both online and in libraries on forklift operation, applicable laws and practice exams.

Take a certification course. If you already work in a warehouse, your employer can put you through a certification course. If you are not employed at a warehouse, you may take a course held at a forklift certification training center. Forklift training centers exist throughout the state of Florida. A brief web search will lead you to several forklift training centers, and you can call and ask for more information.

Take the forklift certification test. Regardless of whether you do your training through your employer or a private certification school, you will need to pass a written and practical test on safety, regulations and forklift operation skills. If you are employed at a warehouse, your employer will register you for the test at no cost to you. If you used a certification school, it will administer the test at no additional cost. After you pass the test, you will be granted a forklift operator license, which is good for three years and can be transferred to another employer. After three years, you must undergo recertification training and retake the test.


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