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How to Learn Medicare Billing

Medicare billers can average $30,000 to $40,000 per year in a fast-growing field with many growth opportunities, notes Education Portal. This career is not for everyone; All Allied Health Schools notes that medical billers spend a lot of time alone on the job. While some Medicare billers enter the field from other health care positions, a health background isn't necessary. Aspiring medicare billers can get their start in the field through a number of avenues and will continue to learn on the job.

Get a job working in the billing department of a clinic, small health care practice or medical or dental office to get some experience billing for medical procedures. Learn the basic structure of identifying and correctly billing for procedures before you begin to focus on Medicare billing. Not only will you pick up Medicare billing faster, but you'll have an edge in the job search with prior experience performing medical billing.

Take an online class to learn the basics of medicare billing and begin working in the medical billing field right away (see Resources). If you know nothing about health care billing, this is a good option to get an overview of the essentials. An online course will cover the different Medicare plans, diagnosis and condition codes and Medicare coverage for prescription drugs or surgery.

Brush up your computer skills by taking computer programming classes at a local community or adult education classes. Medical billers spend all day searching for records in a computer database and must be comfortable with computers and proficient at fixing problems.

Learn medical coding from manuals (see Resources). Each procedure has a number or medical code; medicare billers must be able to correctly match the medical procedure with the medical code before they can bill.

Apply for a job as a medicare biller to put your knowledge to the test. On the job, you will receive additional training and will continue to sharpen your knowledge of medicare billing.


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