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How to Become a Flight Attendant in Florida

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Working as a flight attendant is a rewarding career, for those interested in customer service and travel. Airlines use these workers to ensure that each customer is happy and satisfied for the duration of the flight. Several airlines operate out of Florida and the individual companies hold open interviews at job fairs and interview on college campuses across the state. The requirements for the position vary, depending on the company.

Read up on the requirements for the position of flight attendant by checking the website of each airline. Airlines operating out of Florida typically require that flight attendants be at least 18 years old, though some require you to be 21. Other requirements include a high school diploma, experience in customer service, and in some cases, a passport.

Check with local college campuses about upcoming job fairs. As most companies recruit flight attendants at colleges, if you attend such an event you will have a good chance of meeting with a human resources representative from an airline. She will answer your questions and give you a list of her airline's requirements for becoming a flight attendant.

Complete online applications by visiting the individual websites for airlines operating in Florida. The application will ask you basic questions about your previous employment, educational background and your hobbies or interests. The top applicants will receive interviews.

Prepare yourself for the interview by reading up on the history of the arline. Remove any body piercings, cover any visible tattoos and keep yourself well groomed. All airlines require that their flight attendants look their best at all times, including hair and nails.

Attend training sessions once you’re offered a position. The sessions typically last around two months and cover everything you need to know to work as a flight attendant. You’ll learn about safety, taking care of customers, working with other attendants and even basic first-aid.


Even if you apply for a position in Florida, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually work in the state. Most airlines require that their flight attendants be able to relocate at any time. You may find yourself working in Colorado or another faraway state.

Check the requirements for the position carefully, as some airlines have clauses about the appearance of their flight attendants. For example, some airlines only hire those within a certain height range.