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Flight Attendant Training in Georgia

Flight attendants 2022 U.S. Salary and Gender Pay Difference State Heatmap

Flight attendant training is conducted in Georgia by airlines such as Delta and AirTran Airways, each of which has a training facility in Atlanta. Applicants must have at least a high school diploma, but a college degree is preferred.


Many airlines are increasingly looking for applicants with a college degree. Someone with a degree in hospitality, nursing or travel and tourism would be top choice by the Federal Aviation Administration.


Once hired, flight attendant trainees in Georgia are in classes for three to six weeks. They learn about the aircraft and how to work certain features as well as evacuate passengers in case of an emergency. Trainees also are tested on their knowledge of first aid and the general comfort of passengers during flight.


Newly hired flight attendants have an annual median earning of $35,000 as of May 2008. New hires are put on reserve for at least one year after employment. As a flight attendant gains seniority over the years, he may advance to positions such as flight attendant supervisor or manager of in-flight operations as well as other jobs within the industry, including public relations agent.