How to Prepare a Construction Project Schedule

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Construction projects run on carefully planned schedules, with deadlines in place for city inspections and grand openings. The general contractor often prepares the schedule, with input from other tradesmen. Putting together the schedule involves working with a wide range of trades, including carpenters, electricians, and architects. You will need to prepare for the needs of each trade and handle possible overlap or conflict.

Contact each trade manager for dates available and estimates about the time required to finish the job. Often, these managers have agreed to estimates when they bid on the jobs, but you will need to collate their separate schedules. Make sure there aren’t any catastrophic mistakes, such as an electrician scheduled after the sheetrock workers.

Put together a rough copy of the schedule, with about 10 days added to give you some room in case of overruns. Distribute the schedule to the trade managers to find out if there are any mistakes or problems.

Make an appointment with the city inspectors. Each city will have different requirements, but most stipulate an inspection before electrical work, after electrical work, and at the very end of the project. All construction projects should “meet code,” or fines and delays will send the project off track.

Keep an eye on the progress of the construction project. Take care of any problems with timing or conflict between employees to keep the project on track.