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How to Announce My Retirement

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Retirement comes at a point in everyone’s life. Whether retiring from the corporate ladder or small business venture, planning how to announce your retirement can take time. Emotional ties with co-workers and organizational restructuring makes retirement a planned task. There are various ways to go about announcing your retirement.

Prepare for the task at hand. After all, deciding to retire from your career takes preparation. Find out who can take your place at work. Inquire about any financial debts owed to the company or employee protocols for retiring. Wait for the official results of your administrative check.

Consult with friends and family through phone or letters. Announce your retirement plans and any festivities to follow. At work, send a mass email to your fellow employees to remind them of your pending departure. Emphasize the date, details and the location of your retirement party.

Call around for the best deal on a venue. Look for places with adequate seating and a catering service. Focus on getting a place with a moderate amount of noise. Find a centralized location to accommodate everyone. Send out invitations to make sure everyone remembers the date and location.