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How to Search a Person's Job History

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Employers and individuals researching a person for employment may search online for a person's job history. You can also search a person's job history for professional networking to see if you have overlapping interests, job skills or worked for the same company. Searching online is a quick way to get results, but you may also consult a local public records office.

Employment Websites

Search her job history through an employment website. Before hiring a candidate, check her professional background first.

Use An employment website for job seekers and recruiters, its search engine matches employers and employees based on professional backgrounds.

Speak with a potential employee in person or over the phone. Ask about previous jobs according to his resume. Double-check his experience by asking him about particular roles in the job, his strengths, weaknesses and why he is seeking other work.

Search Public Records

Use Abika ( or Public Records Search Online ( to search work history data.

Register on a public records online search engine. Go to work history or workplace history to search past jobs.

Note that online searches only draw up things a person has entered into a computer or what has been logged in by police, courts, and other government entities.

Search public records in person. Go to a state government office to register or visit the state of employment’s local government Web page. In Maryland, for example, the local government website features a background check page. Use the General Registration Form to register as a hiring agency that requires background job checks.

Professional Networking Websites

Visit a professional networking site to search job history and professional connections. Log in or register for a LinkedIn (, Ecademy (, or similar business networking site.

Enter a person’s name in the people search tab. Or, search using a job, company name or groups category like a university alumni group.

Add the person whose history you are searching as a contact. Send an in-mail message or request a connection to view the person’s data online. Wait for a response.

View profiles. Once you receive an accepted invitation by email, access the person's profile page on the site. View their resumes, previous companies and employer recommendations.


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