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How to Check a Nurse's Work History

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Checking a nurse's work history can protect the organization by verifying the nurse's competence. Inadequate hiring can diminish productivity and lead to possible lawsuits from employing a nurse that states false information on a resume or application. Verifying a nurse's work history can be completed with online sites that specialize in background checks.

Give background forms to nurses to complete and sign to carry out background checks. Perform a online background check to confirm a nurse's work history. Complete work history verifications on nurses through an organization that specializes in background checks. Visit the Free Records Registry website to confirm a nurse's employment and work history. Register for a membership to start using the organization's services. Search public records and complete instant background checks on nurses to confirm work history by entering the nurse's personal information.

Use the Free Reverse Telephone Lookup website to verify if the numbers given for references are businesses or home numbers. Put the telephone numbers you wish to look up in the search box and then click "Find." Call all of the nurse's references to check work history. Ask the references if the nurse worked for the companies that was stated in the application or resume that was filled out.

Verify that the nurse's work history is legitimate by contacting former employers. Make a list of questions to ask about the job applicant's past employment such as exact dates of employment. Compare the information that is gathered from past employers to what the nurse has stated on the application or resume.


To get a nurse's work history instantly, perform online background checks.


To prevent lawsuits, verify competence of nurses with background checks.