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How to Get Summer Jobs for a 14 Year Old

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

It's important to keep young people occupied when they're not in school. Summer vacation can be a difficult time for parents. It's hard to keep your child, particularly a 14-year-old, occupied all summer. One solution is to help your teen find work. You'll help your child learn responsibility and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Ask friends, family member and neighbors if they have any small children that your teen can babysit. Even a few nights a week or a few hours during the day can help parents a great deal. They may be able to save money on childcare services, and your teen will learn responsibility.

Help your teen advertise his yard-work skills. Ask your neighbors if they have any yard work that your teen can help with, such as cutting grass or weeding the garden. Elderly neighbors may be especially appreciative of this service.

Advertise your teen's pet-sitting services. If your teen has had experience walking a dog, feeding animals or cleaning up after them, his services might be in demand throughout the neighborhood. Many people have to leave their pets for eight or nine hours every day while at work, and they may welcome your teen's services.

Hang fliers in local stores and restaurants and on bulletin boards at libraries and community centers to advertise your teen's services.