Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Good Jobs for Teen Moms


A daycare can be a great place for a teen mom to work if she is having trouble finding someone to watch her child. Many daycare centers will offer discounts to workers. This will give a teen mom the chance to bring home a paycheck and know that her child is safe and being looked after.

Work Study Jobs

Work study jobs are jobs at colleges that students can do in various offices or in the cafeteria. The bosses at work study jobs are supposed to be flexible and schedule work hours around the student's classes, even if it means breaking up a shift so that a student can complete part of her work before a class and the rest after. This can be an optimal job for a teen mom who is attending college. If the teen has a family member or friend who will watch the baby, she can get school and work done in one shift out of the house.

Flexibility is Key

There are many working moms, both teens and older, who need a flexible schedule. There are staffing agencies where mothers can go to find a job with a non-traditional work schedule. Because these placement services cater to people who need to juggle all sorts of schedules, teen moms can meet with a staffing specialist and explain their situation. It is possible that the teen mom can find a work at home or a sales job with flexible hours through one of these agencies.

Education and Planning for the Future

Although it is difficult and tiring being a teen mom, it is important for teen mothers to look at the bigger picture. Even though it is hard to juggle school, work and a baby, it is important for teen mothers to get some kind of post high school education. More education can lead to higher-paying positions and a better life down the road for the mom and her baby.


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