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How to Become an H&R Block Tax Preparer

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Tax season is a confusing time for most people. With so many forms, deductions and credits, filing a tax return can be overwhelming. This is why paid tax preparation is such a lucrative business. If you are good with numbers and computers, you may want to consider earning some extra cash during tax season as a preparer for H&R Block.

Enroll in H&R Block's tax school. Whether you have previous tax training or no experience at all it is a good idea to take a course or two at H&R Block to learn the company's software. Visit the H&R Block website to find an office near you that offers tax training classes. Be aware that enrollment in tax school does not guarantee employment.

Apply for a tax preparer position. The best time to apply is in December and January, as this is when most H&R Block offices hire preparers. If you are enrolled in a tax course, ask your instructor to write you a letter of recommendation. Also be sure to update your resume to showcase your newly learned tax preparation skills.

Interview with a hiring manager at H&R Block. This is your time show that you are the man (or woman) for the job and get a feel for the company. Make sure to dress professionally, arrive early and ask questions. Don't forget to bring the letter of recommendation from your tax school instructor!

Apply for a Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number online at the Internal Revenue Service website if you do not already have one. A PTIN is the number used by the IRS to identify you as the paid tax preparer of a return. Your PTIN or Social Security number must be printed on each return you prepare.


The best way to learn tax preparation is to practice. Order extra tax forms from the IRS to practice preparing returns for a variety of tax situations.

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