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How to Become an Insurance Agent in Minnesota

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The Minnesota Department of Commerce issues several insurance licenses based upon individual lines of insurance. Individuals seeking to become an insurance agent in Minnesota must attend insurance courses for specified lines of insurance. Some lines also require an exam. Prospective Minnesota insurance agents should determine the requirements of each line of insurance. A license applicant can then fulfill those individual requirements and apply for an insurance license with the Department of Commerce.

Determine the educational requirements for your desired lines of insurance. The following lines of insurance require a 30-hour general insurance course plus an additional course of 7.5 hours focusing on the specific line of insurance: life, accident/health, property, casualty and personal lines. Credit, bail bond, farm property and liability, travel/baggage and title insurance do not require any insurance courses. A variable life and variable annuity license requires an existing Minnesota life insurance license. Similarly, a Minnesota insurance license for surplus lines requires an existing property and casualty license.

Find and select an approved insurance school with the Sircon search tool (See References). Sircon provides online licensing services for the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Attend the required courses and obtain a course completion certificate. Save all study materials to prepare for your Minnesota insurance exam. Use the materials in conjunction with exam administrator PSI's exam content outlines. Select "Minnesota" and "MN Insurance" on the PSI "Information" page to get to the outlines. Each exam has its own content outline that you can view at the PSI website.

Fill out the exam registration form in the PSI "Insurance Examinations Candidate Information Bulletin" (See References) .You may mail in the form or order by phone, fax or Internet. As of 2010, the exam fee is $45 per exam.

Make out a money order or cashier's check to PSI to pay the exam fees. You may also pay by credit card. Send in the exam registration form and fees to PSI if registering by mail. Use the following contact information to register for your Minnesota insurance exams:

PSI Services, LLC ATTN: Examination Registration 3210 E Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89121 Phone: 800-733-9267 Fax: 702-932-2666 psiexams.com

Take the exam. You will get a score report immediately after the examination. PSI will electronically report your score if you pass. If you fail, you can use the diagnostic information in the failing score report to help you prepare and retest.

Complete an application for your Minnesota insurance license. The Department of Commerce uses the Sircon online application system to process license applications. Apply at the Sircon "Insurance License Applications" page (See Resources). You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or electronic check. As of 2010, fees for all Minnesota insurance licenses are $50, with the exception of a $500 fee for a surplus lines license.


Nonresident insurance agents who would like to sell insurance in Minnesota can go straight to the Sircon license application. These applicants may obtain a Minnesota insurance license for the same lines of insurance currently licensed for without the usual educational and testing requirements.


Applicants will receive a license if the application is approved. However, all Minnesota insurance licensees must have an appointment from an insurance company to begin selling insurance. The company will submit the appointment forms when employing or contracting with the insurance agent.