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How to Become a Mediator in BC

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A mediator is a neutral person trained to help disputing parties reach an agreement. In British Columbia, professional mediators help people understand each other’s views, interests and needs so they can negotiate an acceptable resolution.

While the mediator is trained to help resolve issues, it is the responsibility of those concerned to reach a settlement. The mediator provides an unbiased, impartial interpretation of issues in a neutral and confidential setting.

Family Mediation

Enroll in the Family Mediation Certificate program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia and complete Family Mediation Canada's minimum training requirements for certification as a Family Relations Mediator.

Complete the program’s 20 required credits, which include 280 hours or 40 days of training and a mandatory role-playing assessment.

You may choose your courses from one of two divisions: the Corrections and Community Justice Division (CCJD), which has all online courses, and the Centre for Conflict Resolution, which offers classroom courses on the New Westminster or Victoria campuses.

Dispute Resolution

Complete the Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Mediation/Third Party Intervention Certificate program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Centre for Conflict Resolution in Victoria or New Westminster.

This 18-credit course requires 252 hours of training, including 36 training days. The course includes classes in collaborative conflict resolution, negotiation skills, dealing with anger, mediation skills and applying conflict theory. In addition, you may choose from electives on subjects such as asserting yourself in conflict situations, managing the hostile individual, civil procedure and dynamics of power.

Complete an assessment that includes a written self-evaluation and a written plan for a one-hour role-playing situation. You will be assessed as you perform as the mediator. You will also be asked to identify the key concepts of the program in an oral question period. You may take the assessment at the New Westminster or Victoria campuses, or mail it in.

Apply the 252 training hours toward admission to the BC Mediator Roster to be called by the courts or legal system.

Court Mediation Program

Apply for British Columbia's Court Mediation Practicum program to get actual experience in mediating. Applicants must have completed a minimum of five full days of interest-based mediation training, including at least 10 hours of role-playing. The CMP is an opportunity for trained but inexperienced dispute resolution practitioners to practice dispute resolution skills in a high-quality practicum environment.

Become a mediator in training at one of the participating small claims court registries in Vancouver, Surrey or Nanaimo and work under the supervision of senior mediators or "mentors."

To complete your practicum, complete 10 mediations of approximately two hours each at the courthouse over a period of eight to 15 weeks.