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How to Choose a Professional Email Address for a Resume

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Using your personal email address on your professional résumé is a big no-no. Classifieds website cites using a "cutesy" personal email handle for professional correspondence as the No. 1 way to show you're unprofessional. Because your contact details are typically listed at the top of your résumé, your email address is one of the first things a potential employer will see. You might be the world's biggest Seinfeld fan, but no one wants to hire "soupnazi@emailprovider.domain." Leave the personal email address for your friends and relatives, and adopt a professional email moniker for use on your résumé.

Sign up for a new account with a free email provider, such as Yahoo! or Gmail. Getting an email address comprised of your own name is best, such as janedoe @

Choose an email handle that's professional and memorable if your own name is already taken. Incorporate the city you live in or a word associated with your job title, such as KatherineSales or JamesChicago. Using a name that incorporates a number, such as MaryJones123, is less desired but still acceptable.

Confirm setup and activation of your new professional email address. Open your résumé in your word processor, then include your new email address to your contact details. Save the changes to your résumé document and exit the word processor program.


Be sure to use your professional email address for all professional correspondence. Use it to send inquiries and follow-up emails, as well as to submit your résumé online. Look into setting up a filter for your professional email account. This will funnel your work-related emails into your regular personal account, ensuring you never miss an important message. Include your professional email address in any venue where you hope to network with other professionals, such as a LinkedIn profile and on your business card.


Don't forget to log into your professional email account from time to time, even if you're not expecting any email. Some email providers disable your account after a period of inactivity, which could keep you from hearing back about a job offer.