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Tips on How to Pass a Nursing Board Exam

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The nursing board exam, also known as the NCLEX, is provided through the U.S. boards of nursing. Every nursing candidate must pass this exam to be legally licensed to practice in any given state. The exam contains a wide range of questions from different areas relating to nursing and medicine. Generally, the questions on the test cover material that has been taught in college nursing courses. Taking the exam may be stressful, but with plenty of preparation, you can find yourself passing with greater ease.

Find a study guide for the NCLEX. There are many reference books available that have been designed for nursing candidates. These books can be found at bookstores, nursing supply stores, and on the Internet. When studying from a book, be sure to take plenty of notes.

Prepare a set of flashcards that cover questions that may be on the NCLEX. You can purchase a set of flashcards that have already been prepared, or you can create your own by using index cards. If you create your own flashcards, be sure to include questions and terms that you have the most trouble remembering.

Form or join a study group with other nursing candidates. These people will generally be those with which you've attended nursing classes. By forming a study group, you will have more support for passing the NCLEX.

Visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website, linked in the Resources section. This website has extensive information that may help you pass the NCLEX examination. There are test plans located on the website that contain valuable tips and information for nursing candidates.

Prepare the night and morning before the exam. Study key concepts, get at least eight full hours of sleep, and eat a healthy and balanced breakfast. Be sure to pack a snack to take with you.