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How to Get a Substitute Teaching Type 39 Certificate

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Substitute teachers in most states have either a teaching credential or a bachelor's degree. In Illinois, the Type 39 certificate is a specific substitute teaching certificate. Substitute teachers have different requirements and procedures in different states. Most require criminal background checks and fingerprinting. Some have special classes or training and others require a fee to obtain a certificate.

You must graduate with a bachelor's degree from a nationally accredited university in order to receive a substitute teaching Type 39 certificate.

Submit the application, available from the Illinois State Board of Education website or at your local board of education. The form required is ISBE form 73-03C, or the Application for Teaching Certificate.

Pay the $30 fee to accompany the application and submit to your local Regional Office of Education.

Request official transcripts from the school you graduated from to be sent to the Regional Office of Education. They must show your earned bachelor's degree; to be considered official, they must be sent directly from the school to the Regional Office of Education or be in a sealed envelope from the college.

Pay the $20 fee for the certificate or your local office may require a total $50 fee at the time of application, combining the application fee of $30 and the certificate fee of $20.