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How to Become a Firefighter in Orlando, Florida

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Becoming a fire fighter requires both physical and educational testing. Basic skills testing is needed in math and reading. A physical test is needed to ensure that you are capable of handling the hard work needed to fight fires. The job of a fire fighter is extremely physical and applicants must be able to handle the physical stress of the training and the job. A five month fire fighting course is also mandatory for becoming an Orlando Fire Fighter.

Attend the mandatory application meeting at 2 p.m. at the Orlando Campus of the Fire Academy on the first Tuesday of each month. Or on the first Wednesday of each month attend the application meeting at 2 p.m. in Kissimmee at the TECO campus.

Pay a $125 application fee at the application meeting.

Complete the Fire Team Ergometric Basic Skills Test, offered the second Tuesday of each month at the Central Florida Fire Academy, Room 228 in building 1600. This test assesses your basic mathematical, reading, teamwork, and mechanical skills. You must attend the mandatory application meeting and pay the application fee, where you will sign up for this test, before you can take it.

Complete the “Fit for Fire” test, offered the second Tuesday of each month at the training tower on the Orlando Campus. You must have attended the mandatory application meeting and paid the application fee, where you can also sign up for this course, before you can take it. This test measures your physical ability to succeed as a fire fighter by testing your skills climbing stairs with 45 pounds of gear on you, forced entry skills and ladder hoisting.

Pass these courses and pay the $4,500 fee for the fire fighter's course and choose whether to take the day course or night courses.

Satisfactorily complete the Fire Fighting program and begin your career as a fire fighter in Orlando.


It is important to be in good physical condition before applying for the Fire Academy.


Daytime course are available at the Fire Fighters Academy and last five months, the evening courses are shorter and take an additional three months of class.

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