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How to Become a North Carolina Insurance Agent

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North Carolina seeks to protect the public by requiring insurance license applicants to learn and demonstrate knowledge of state insurance law. North Carolina requires prospective insurance agents to attend an approved insurance course. An applicant who completes the required course must also take an insurance exam. Successful test takers can then apply for a North Carolina license to sell insurance policies throughout the state.

Access the "North Carolina Residents" chart for North Carolina insurance licensing requirements (see Reference section). Lines of insurance have certain educational and testing requirements for insurance agents. Look at the various requirements and exemptions and decide which lines you would like to pursue. Lines that involve an educational course require 10 to 20 hours of education. The chart also tells you whether you need to take a North Carolina insurance exam to obtain a license.

Select and attend required courses in insurance education. You may use the Pearson VUE list of approved schools to arrange a live insurance course or correspondence course (see Reference section). Pearson VUE administers the North Carolina insurance exams. Obtain a signed "Examination Admission Ticket" from your school provider. You may get a copy of the admission ticket from the Pearson VUE "Insurance Licensing Examination Candidate Guide." (See Reference section.)

Use the candidate guide to find study references for each exam. Use the references, materials from your insurance courses and the "North Carolina Insurance Content Outlines" provided by Pearson VUE to prepare for your insurance exam (see Reference section).

Schedule and take the insurance exam with Pearson VUE. As of April 2010, the fee is $106.50 for first-time test takers. This includes a $50 license application fee. Test takers who fail can take the test again for $56.50. Pearson VUE accepts credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and vouchers. It accepts registration by phone or online (see Reference section). You may use the "Voucher Request Form" to purchase a voucher with a check. Make a check payable to Pearson VUE. Use the following address to purchase a voucher and other contact details to register for the exam:

Pearson VUE c/o AP Voucher Program P.O. Box 41508 Philadelphia, PA 19101-1508 800-274-0668

Fill out the "Application for Individual Insurance License." (See Resource section.) Test takers fill out the application at the testing center. Applicants with an exam exemption or waiver can download the form and send it in the mail. North Carolina also allows resident applicants to use the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website to fill out and submit the application online (see Resource section). As of 2010, the fee is $50. NIPR accepts only Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The North Carolina Department of Insurance accepts cashier's checks, money orders, personal checks and company checks. Make checks payable to NCDOI and use the following contact information to send the application:

NCDOI/Agent Services Division 1204 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1204 919-807-6800


Non-resident insurance agents seeking a North Carolina license in the same line of insurance do not need to attend a class or take an exam. These applicants need to use the NIPR "Non-Resident Licensing" page when applying for a North Carolina insurance license (see Resource section).