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How to Make Money As a Notary Public

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Being a notary public is an excellent way to make extra money, whether you are doing it full or part time. Because everybody needs important documents signed, such as car deeds, land deeds, bank documents, court documents and so on, notary publics are always in demand. While it may be difficult to sustain a full-time income from working as a notary public, there are definitely opportunities out there to make some good money.

Make sure you have all the necessary qualifications and met all the necessary requirements. Before you can start making any money as a notary public you will first need to make sure you have met all the necessary requirements by the state office to practice notarizing documents legally. While each state has similarities in fees and licensing requirements, every state also has significant differences in the appointment process, length of commissions, and the powers and duties of a notary public in your home state.

Get your name out there. After becoming a notary public, the most important thing you can do is to market yourself appropriately to effectively solicit business. You can do this by placing ads in your local yellow pages, or in the classified sections in your local newspaper. You can also market yourself on the Internet by creating a website that lists your duties and subsequent fees as a notary public.

Specialize in Internet Marketing. For any notary public to generate any kind of business, they will first have to effectively get their name out there. One of the best ways to do this is by effectively using the Internet to market your services. You can do this by creating articles, or web content or your web page, that will boost the visibility of your site in the search engine rankings. You can also look into hiring a professional internet marketing company that specializes in boosting web presence, and can help to get your name on the top of every search for notary public’s in your area.

Travel to wherever your needed. According to a publication on, one of the best ways for notary publics to generate business is to be willing to travel to take on as much business as possible. While many cities have their own notary public services widely available, many do not, and offering your services outside your area can be a great way to generate business. Because you will be able to charge for travel expenses it will cost nothing to you, and you will most likely be able to charge more for your time and trouble.

Charge the maximum fee. Because many notarial acts may be for only $10-$20, you will want to get the most out of your services per signing. This is why it is a good idea to consider charging the maximum fee for specific services, if you know that they may be on the lower end of the price range. Because many of notarizing fees may be quite low, it is almost necessary to consider charging the maximum amount if you want to make a decent income.


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