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How to Get a Teacher Certification in Georgia

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In order to be a teacher in Georgia, you must have teacher certification. Through the traditional method, you obtain certification as part of your college studies. However, if you are transitioning from another career into a teaching career, you can receive a temporary certification that you can use until you are eligible for the Georgia Clear Renewable Certificate, the main teaching certificate.

Enroll in a state-approved teaching certificate program. You can do this as part of your college degree, or if you already have a college degree in a particular subject, you can apply as a post-Bac candidate. This program will focus on the skills that you need to learn as a teacher.

Take the skills assessment exams. You will take a basic skills exam as well as a content skills exam, based on the subject area that you want to teach. Georgia uses the Praxis exams. You can purchase a study guide to help you pass these tests.

Download and complete the application package. You can receive the application package from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Some of these forms must be filled out by the school where you completed your teacher training.

Submit all documents along with application fees. Send these to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.


If you are changing careers, you can get a temporary certificate if you pass the skills assessment tests. This allows you to teach in school while you take the additional course material.