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How to Track a Lowe's Application

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Lowe’s has grown considerably since its start as a humble hardware store in 1946. According to, the company has more than 1,675 stores across North America, and its burgeoning success has made it a coveted “Fortune 50” company. Lowe's offers a range of jobs at locations around the country, from customer service positions to warehouse employment to corporate-level business and marketing positions. The infrastructure of this huge company makes it difficult for applicants to track their application status. For most positions, you can't check the status by phone or online, but a little legwork can keep you up to date.

Ask for the name of the store manager who will be reviewing your application. So as not to appear pushy, make the request in a friendly manner, explaining that you’d like to introduce yourself to the manager the next time you’re in the store.

Find out when the hiring decisions are expected. Armed with this information, you’ll know when it’s a good time to inquire about your application status.

Stop in and inquire if you have not heard anything by the expected date. Ask for the store manager in charge of reviewing the application to find out why you haven't received a reply.

If a new reviewer has taken over the application, ask for that person's name and for a new date estimate, then follow Step 3 again.


Make an effort to meet and establish a rapport with the higher-ups who will decide the fate of your application.

If you apply for a corporate or distribution job online, the company will contact you if it requires further information or has selected you for an interview.