How to Write Audit Report Notes

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An audit is an examination at the amount of money being spent and being brought in for a company or a business. An audit can also deal with amounts of merchandise, tax information or other payment information. Many companies require workers to write a report on their audit process. When you have an audit report to do, one of the more important parts is making sure that you have detailed and complete notes to go along with the report. Writing audit report notes is a process that will vary from job to job, and from audit to audit, but there is a general process to follow for all audit reports.

Take notes during every stage of the audit process, from discussions to assignments to the actual process. An audit might be a complete look at taxes, inventory, or money coming in or going out of a business or corporation. So, depending on what your process entails, make sure that you take notes on the entire thing.

Have a general note pad on which all members of the audit staff or anyone associated with the audit can jot simple notes that you can use in your report later. In an audit of a large store, for example, there will probably be twenty or more people working on the audit, so you should have a general place for everyone to take notes.

Keep track of the time that you spend on the audit and make sure that your notes have an account of all of that time. The notes don't need to take as much time as the audit process, but the notes do need to cover that amount of time completely. For an audit report for an audit that one person can complete, you can keep a simple log of the hours you spend counting or calculating.

Compare your audit notes to your company's directions for the audit process as you go and keep comparing them to the steps that you are supposed to follow for the process. This will help keep you on track as you continue the audit process. For instance, if your company requires you to write a full report, make sure that your notes are translated into one. If your company considers a list of notes as an accurate report, you can compile a list of notes and have that published as your audit report.