How to Find Best Jobs for Former Teachers

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If you are tired of teaching in a big and noisy classroom, then it may be time to look for jobs for former teachers.
There are many types of jobs for former teachers, but before you look for a job as a former teacher you need to consider why you are looking for a career change. You must decide if you want to move away from teaching completely or just want to build on skills you already have.

Look for jobs as a tutor instead of a teacher

Tutoring 1 on 1 is a lot less stressful than teaching a whole class.

Depending on what you are tutoring and your level of expertise, tutoring can be very profitable - in some cases even more profitable than teaching.

Look for a job in school administration

If you work your way up the ladder and have had enough being in a classroom, you may be ready for an administrative teaching job. Look into becoming a principal or educational coordinator. You can also

start a day care or Sunday school and hire teachers under you.

Gather your teaching materials and turn it into a teaching book

If you want jobs for former teachers that let you work from home around your own schedule, you can make a living off of writing teaching materials for other teachers. This is especially good if you have been teaching the same grade or the same subject for many years and have a wealth of experience to give over. You can create ebooks easily and sell all your teaching experience online.

Create games using your teaching materials

If you were a very creative teacher with different teaching games,

you can sell these games either online or through teacher's supply stores. The easiest way to get started doing this is to put together the game yourself and create a website where other teachers can buy your game. You then package the game for each order and ship it to the customer individually. If your game becomes popular you can look into mass production of your teaching games.

your teaching game.

Use your public speaking skills

As a former teacher, you have a lot of experience public speaking. You can work in a museum or as a tour guide and use your skills to give over information in interesting ways.


Getting a job as a former teacher may require retraining. You may want to retrain part time while still working as a teacher to avoid lot term unemployment.

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