How to Get Painting Jobs

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Although you have just decided to start a painting service or become an independent contractor as a painter, jobs are not likely going to fall into your lap. You may need to actively find jobs so you can make a profit as a painter. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can find work as a painter by advertising, word-of-mouth or even Internet searches. Learning how to find painter jobs can help to make your business a success.

Receive alerts through job search feeds when painter jobs become available in your area. Websites such as Jobster are designed so you can input your search parameters and be notified when jobs become available. After registering on the site, simply enter the type of work you desire into the keywords field. In this case, you would enter Painter. Then input how far you are willing to travel to get to the job in the radius section. Finally, designate how many notifications you would like to receive: daily, weekly or monthly.

Search Craigslist, a popular website geared toward people who either need an item or service or who have something to offer. You may be able to find legitimate part-time or full-time painting jobs on this website. No registration is required to browse, so simply visit the site, choose your state and search the available categories such as general labor. Once you find a job that interests you, you can submit a resume or an inquiry email.

Create an old-fashioned sandwich-board type sign and post it on current job sites. Keep the sign posted in the front yard or near traffic so people can see you and your sign while you are working. You may have inquiries from people who are driving by or walking through the neighborhood, and this is a great way to get future work.

Develop some door-hanger advertisements, and after you finish a job in a certain neighborhood, take a few minutes to hang advertisements on the doors of neighboring homes. Make sure the advertisement contains your name and a good telephone number where customers can reach you. Also, if you have a website, put that information on the door-hanger, too.

Tell people you are starting a painting business or are looking for painting jobs. Word-of-mouth advertising can generally have good results as people often ask friends and associates to recommend good painters. Consider making up some inexpensive business cards to hand out to potential customers or people who could be referrals for you.


Ask satisfied clients if they would be a good reference for you and give their name and number to potential customers if requested.