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How to Find Replacement Parts for Earthlite Products

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Earthlite manufactures and sells equipment for use by massage therapists. Earthlite sells massage chairs, massage tables and all kinds of massage therapy supplies and accessories. Earthlite's table sales include stationary and electric lift technology that's ideal for use by a professional massage therapist. Home users can also purchase Earthlite products.

Determine what replacement parts you need for your Earthlite products. If you have questions, contact an Earthlite customer service representative to discuss your product. (See Tips below.)

Visit the Earthlite website at http://www.earthlite.com/, and click on "Massage Supplies."

Choose the category that's most relevant to the replacement part you need. For example, if you need a replacement cover for your Earthlite massage table, click on "Sheets and Coverings."

Scroll through the list of available items, and find the replacement part you need for your Earthlite product. For example, if you need a replacement table cart, click on "Table Carts, Carrying cases & Accessories" from the "Massage Supplies" drop down menu. Scroll through the list of items until you find "Table Cart."

Click on the item to view more product information. Once you determine that you have found the replacement product, click "Add to Cart." Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button to finish the ordering process. Follow the instructions for providing your personal, credit card and shipping information.


If at any time you have questions or need assistance from an Earthlite customer service representative, you can call Earthlite's toll free number: 800-872-0560.

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