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How to Find Work for a Dump Truck

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Dump trucks are utility vehicles that can haul anything at all depending on their size. They are typically used at construction sites and plants and for hauling away snow during winter, among many other uses. If you own your own dump truck and/or business, you can contract yourself or your business to other companies that will pay you handsomely for your work.

Pull up a search engine in your Internet browser.

Search through websites for users of dump trucks. Search especially for the names of construction companies, hauling companies, landfill and power plant operators, nonprofit and other charitable organizations (you can occasionally carry their rejected items to dump sites), manufacturing plants and local departments of transportation. Also consider homeowners doing remodeling work and graveling driveways. Consider advertising to this targeted user as well. Consult websites that post help wanted ads.

Write down phone numbers, email addresses and the names of individuals of those whom you seek to contact.

Search through the classifieds in the newspaper.

Write down the information on the companies and individuals you are interested in.

Telephone and make appointments to meet with the managers of the companies or individuals in need of dump truck services. Send emails to companies offering them your services.


Keep a positive attitude when searching for work--employers are not likely to hire someone who is “down in the dumps."