How to Obtain Forklift Certification in Michigan

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Apply for all forklift operator positions within a tolerable driving distance in which you are able to travel to work daily. State on your application that you are willing to become certified in all OSHA regulations expected of a safe and productive forklift operator. This is important, as an employer will value your desire to abide by the safety rules, increasing your chances for on-the-job training. Accept employment immediately when offered to you.

Study the OSHA guidelines set forth for forklift operators by reviewing the rules at its website and any additional materials provided for you by your employer.

Put all of the OSHA safety guidelines into daily practice while on the job and be ready to participate in your employer's training day when it is scheduled. While your supervisor observes your forklift operating habits, be sure to execute all of the guidelines meticulously so you receive an excellent score.

When your immediate supervisor believes you are applying all of what was learned during the forklift classroom training day, it will be up to that supervisor to request one of the company's authorized certification examiners to come observe your work habits. Some employers may surprise you by having the examiner come watch you while you are working without you having ever been told. Therefore always be sure to follow all of the rules provided to you through your employer's training program.

Keep yourself up-to-date on OSHA's safety operating guidelines by visiting its website often, making note of any additions or changes and then applying them on the job. This will greatly assist you in passing your re-certification exam, which is required to be taken once every three years.

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