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How Do I Become a Robotics Engineer?

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Robotics engineers design robots, and research and develop programs and applications for robots. They also work in testing and product development, testing the robot’s components to create the final design. Robotics engineers are involved with the creation and development of tools, factory equipment, automated systems and toys.

Graduate high school. Take classes in math, computer science and drafting. These courses will help you to develop the skill that you will need to do well in college. In particular, you will need algebra, calculus, physics and computer science.

Apply to and graduate from an accredited university. You will need at least a Bachelor of Science to become a robotics engineer. Develop a strong knowledge in math, computer science and engineering. You will also need to take robotics theory, robotics laboratory, design and development. Specialize in mechanical, electrical, or industrial engineering. If possible, enroll in an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) program at your college.

Go to graduate school and earn a Master of Science in Engineering with a specialty in robotics. This will enable you to seek a higher paying position right after graduation than with a B.Sc. alone.

Look for a job as a robotics engineer. Recent graduates have the best chances of finding work with manufacturing companies, military agencies and other private organizations. Most online job boards, including CareerBuilder and Monster, list positions for robotics engineers.


When taking high school level courses, you should ideally take advanced placement classes. This will greatly enhance your chance of getting into a top college or university.


Make sure that you graduate with a high GPA as this will enhance your chances at finding a good paying entry-level job.