How to apply for a job with UPS

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Working for UPS can be a good experience. Even part time employees get some really good perks, like tuition assistance, and the ability to get promoted in the company. UPS really cares about their employees, they make sure that if there are any problems, they are taken care of promptly. Here is how you can apply for a job at UPS.

Go to the UPS career site. Make sure that you get on the main page. I will post a link at the end of my article that will direct you to thbe right place.

Click on the job search button. Once you have clicked this you will be able to search jobs in your area. If there are any jobs in your area, it will list them. If there are any jobs available, click on one.

Fill out the inquiry form. This form determines whether you qualify to work for UPS. Once you fill this out click on the next button. If you qualify you will be given the next set of instructions.

Fill out the resume part of the application. Make sure that you are very thorough, and be honest. This part takes about 15 minutes, unless you have have a resume already made. Once you have finished the application, submit it, and then wait to see if you get a phone call.


Make sure if you get a phone call for an interview, that you show up on time. They stick to a tight schedule.

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