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How to Provide Good Customer Service Over the Phone

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Providing excellent customer service can be challenging when dealing with a difficult customer face-to-face. Over the phone, it can be doubly challenging. Because your customer cannot read your facial expressions or body language, your voice and words need to provide that expression over the phone. There are some useful tips you can keep in mind that will help you provide excellent customer service over the phone.

Mind of the tone of your voice. This is one of the most important things that can make or break your customer service on the phone. Sounding upbeat and friendly will help create a connection with your customer. Don't be phony, but try to be genuinely friendly with your customers so they feel more comfortable with you.

Be respectful. Use the words, "please," "thank you," "sir," and "ma'am" when you address customers. Using respectful language during your conversation will make your customers feel as though you value them, and they will treat you better than if you are rude.

Speak slowly and clearly so your customers can hear and understand you.

Put customers on hold only after you ask, "Would you mind if I place you on a brief hold?" If you need to find out information or need to keep them on hold for longer than expected, go back on the line and apologize for the length of the hold and explain that you will be back on the line in just a moment. If the hold extends beyond a normal wait time, ask the customer if you can resolve the issue and call back. Do not keep customers on the line for a long time.


Make sure to always identify yourself and the company you are calling from when talking to a customer.


Never speak harshly, bluntly or rudely to a customer. You could lose a customer and possibly your job.


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