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How to Create a Bulletin Board Display for Employee Break Rooms

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Company bulletin boards can be used to help remind employees of important upcoming events, recognize exceptional service or serve as a sign-up station for upcoming events. Some things posted on employee bulletin boards are required by state and federal law. For example, information on the minimum wage and the company's equal opportunity policy are required to be posted. With some organization you can create an effective employee bulletin board for the break room.

Purchase a bulletin board large enough to display your company information. Bulletin boards vary in size, but a good corkboard would be approximately four-feet high by six-feet wide. This will allow room for everything that needs to be posted.

Install the bulletin board in a place where all employees will be able to see it.

Separate the bulletin board into four sections; legal postings, company events, company information and employee information. To make these sections, print out signs on a computer and then use push pins to put them at the top of the bulletin board equal distance apart. If you have a board that is six-feet wide, make each section one-and-a-half feet in width.

Put the materials that need to be legally posted under the "Legal Postings" section, then place company and employee information in their appropriate spots.

Designate someone to be the person who posts on the bulletin board. Create and post a sign stating that only that one person can add information to the board and all information must be approved by management before it can be placed on the board.


Have the person in charge of the bulletin board check the board each day to make sure no unauthorized postings have been made. If any unapproved postings were added, remove them.