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How to Learn Fanuc CNC

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Many CNC machines do not allow you to use any type of propreitary language to program them. In some cases, a Fanuc control uses G-code with some alterations and macros, which are program routines within a program, to move the spindle and trigger commands within the CNC system to activate tool changes, coolant flow and tool moves along however many axes the machine works on. By learning Fanuc and its base, G-code, you can program almost any type of CNC machine out there from lathes to mills to CNC routers.

Take online classes in Fanuc at a local trade school. Fanuc is a proprietary machining language developed by the company that is very similar to G-code, the most widely used programming protocol in the machining world. The company is widely known for their robotic advancements and is well-respected in the machining field as well. There are online courses available that feature video and text about the language and the meanings behind the many different commands.

Purchase books on Fanuc controls and the language. There are many books available at Amazon about Fanuc programming including "Fanuc CNC Custom Macros: Programming Resources For Fanuc Custom Macros B Users" by Peter Smid, a leading authority on all things-CNC. In these types of books you will learn about macros, or routines within a program, and the uses for many of the seemingly-basic commands. These books can be great for reference at the machine and for tips on how to increase productivity on a Fanuc-equipped machine.

Learn the basics from a Fanuc programmer. These professionals are well-versed in the powerful uses for Fanuc and can teach you the many variations and commands used on a Fanuc control. Because these professionals are often advanced, it is good to already know G-code and how each command affects the machining cycle. Reach out and locate machine shops in your area to see if they have any Fanuc-equipped machines or programmers familiar with the language. and ask to watch or ask question about Fanuc and its uses in the field.

Purchase Fanuc lesson DVDs. For those who are not necessarily Internet savvy, but want a full course on Fanuc, there are DVD's available that teach you the main principles of Fanuc and how to accomplish complex machine cuts using this language. The DVDs are for those who want hours of instruction and can even be used at your workspace on a laptop.