How to Get a New York Adjuster License

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Independent insurance adjusters can set their own hours and make quite a bit of money. The first step to becoming an independent adjuster is getting your state license. In New York, you do this through the New York Department of Insurance. You will be required to pass an exam and post a surety bond.

Register for the New York adjuster exam. PSI Services is the only approved vendor for administering this exam. You can find a link to the company in the Resources section. The cost is $49.

Prepare for the New York adjuster exam. It is a closed book exam. There is no pre-licensing education requirement, but you will want to review the information beginning on page 12 of the candidate information bulletin. If you don't feel confident about the exam content, consider taking an adjuster training course offered in New York.

Take and pass the New York adjuster exam.

Fill out and submit the independent adjuster application form. It must be filled out and sent in within two years of taking the adjuster exam.

Pay the licensing fee for the independent adjuster license. Be sure to include proof of your surety bond.

Get a bond in the amount of $1,000 and submit it with your application

Get fingerprinted. You must be electronically fingerprinted by L1 Identity Solutions -- this is the only provider the New York Department of Insurance accepts for in-state applicants. If you are out of state, submit a fingerprint card with your application with a check for $86.75. You will need to include the forms from page 11 of the insurance adjuster license application.

Obtain and submit five certificates of character. These should be from people who have known you for five years. They must be executed AFTER the date of your application. Copies of the certificates of character are available on page 5 of the application linked to from this page.


If you're a non-resident, you must be licensed and in compliance in your home state. Submit certification from your home state with the license application.