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How to Write on a Resume That You Are Good at Microsoft Office

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When putting together a resume it can sometimes be difficult to know how to word certain things. The Microsoft Office group of products are a powerful set of tools that can be used for many different purposes in the professional world, but simply listing "Microsoft Office" as a skill or strength on a resume may not be the best way to draw attention to your abilities with this product.

Identify the many tools available in Microsoft Office and note which of the programs you are skilled at using. With Excel, Word and PowerPoint part of the software suite, you'll need to know which aspects of Office that you are proficient in.

Familiarize yourself with the features of each Office program that you have noted. For example, Excel can be used for much more than simple spreadsheet creation. It can be used to create graphs, forms, calendars, budgets, invoices, schedules, inventories and much more. Make a list of which of these uses you're able to accomplish. Repeat this process for each program in Microsoft Office to develop all the ways in which you're able to put Office to use.

Prioritize these listed uses based on the types of jobs you are seeking. If one of the uses you've identified has nothing to do with the jobs you're applying for, then it may be best to leave it off your resume. On the other hand, Office uses that may be closely associated with the work you are seeking should be listed first in the skills or strengths section of your resume.

Insert the relevant skills into your resume. Be brief and to the point as you don't want to appear to be padding your resume with unnecessary information. Use discretion as you list abilities, so you don't end up just listing features of Microsoft Office programs. Work on your wording until you are comfortable that you are properly stating these skills.

Research other resumes and compare yours to them. There's a wealth of information available both on the Internet and in libraries and other locations on the subject of resume creation. Taking the extra time to read tips from resume experts as well as to compare your resume to other successful ones can go a long way in helping yours stand out when it ends up in a stack of others at a prospective employer.