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How to Make Money by Taking Pictures for Insurance Companies

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Insurance companies require a great deal of documentation when someone files a claim for lost, damaged or stolen property. Pictures are the most valid documentation. It is considered photographic evidence which can confirm visually not just the existence of the item, but also its condition before and after the theft or damage. Often, these pictures are needed before an insurance company can issue a policy or pay a claim.


Taking pictures for insurance companies has earning potential. If you can find the work. Check local newspapers and employment bureaus for openings. Call the human resources departments of area insurance companies to ask about available work behind the camera. Leave your contact information with these companies; they might need your services in the future.

Identify the item you need to take pictures of. Make sure that you can get close to the object. It is better to have organized photos of the item than get the whole picture in the frame.

Once you get a job with a company, be diligent, professional and thorough. Take as many pictures as possible from each angle of the item. You do not know which part of the item will be damaged later, so taking pictures from all angles could help an insurance adjuster later on.

Keep your photographs in catalogs and/or digital files that are easily transferable with a flash drive or via the Internet, and that are easily categorized by date, time and item description. This way it will be easier to locate the ones needed for the insurance claim. It is also important that you keep your photographs in safe places. Store your pictures in a safety deposit box while you keep your digital duplicates safely with relatives and/or a password-protected file on your computer.

Be responsive to companies giving you work and you just might get more.

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