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How to Write Computer Experience on a Resume

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If the job or degree program to which you are applying requires computer experience, you can integrate those skills into your chronological resume or use a functional resume format and separate the information on your computer experience. If most of your positions have been technologically-oriented, a chronological format may be sufficient to highlight your computer experience. If you are new to the field or want to emphasize your technological skills to employers in other industries, consider a functional format so that your computer experience does not get lost in your resume.

Write an overview of your skills in your professional profile. If you are applying for a computer or technology-oriented position, at the top of your resume, include a three to four sentence overview of your computer experience.

Outline your computer experience in your work history. If you developed your computer experience on the job, integrate details about your skills and projects into your job descriptions.

Create a separate section for computer skills. If you have extensive computer experience that does not fit in any other section of your resume, list it under its own subheading. Consider using a table, chart or bullet point list to make it easier for employers to read.

List computer coursework. In the education section of your resume, include the names of the computer and technology classes you’ve taken and the school where you matriculated. For each class, provide a brief overview of the curriculum and provide the date you completed the course.

Provide details on certifications and formal credentials. Include the date that you completed the program and name the body that issued your certification.

Include specific details about your skills. Include details about your knowledge of popular programs, programming languages, web development, protocols, frameworks, hardware and networking.

Relate your computer skills for the position to which you are applying. Write descriptions of computer experience with the employer job description or the school’s prerequisites in mind. Focus on those skills that your audience will value most.


To further highlight your credentials, outline computer experience and skills in your cover letter.

If you are submitting your resume electronically, include links to programs and websites you have designed.